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The Apothecary Edinburgh Converging space, supplies, seeds and sense tech

'Your plants are an orchard of pomegranates With pleasant fruits, Fragrant henna with spikenard, spikenard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with every kind of incense tree, with myrrh and aloes, and all the finest spices'



Botanical Specimins

The Apothecary provides the finest quality seeds, specimens and historical botanicals with nutritional or practical use. Aligning the tradition of the ancient practitioners to modern demands we aim to educate and integrate. Knowledge transfer, horticultural practices and traditional preperation techniques are as important as the products for sale. You can visit us in Edinburgh and see what we can offer for your needs, but for those too dispersed many of our products can be bought online here , and many assets and resorces can be found on this site

Digital Tools and Hedonic Engineering

Technology has leapfrogged our ability to overstand taxonomies and take in whole implicate orders of knowledge unaided. It is ironic that the tools that enabled the explosion of data are also potentially the tools to overcome it's unscalability. Natural Sciences have always attempted to synthesise new technology and paradigms into the foundational systems. The Apothecary and it's digital incarnation Equivoque Technologies do much the same. As well as a research platform and marketplace for imerging tech.


As the world spirals into the shattered code of singularity we hope to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the ride, and create some nodes. Just as botantical intelligences and psychodrama have served hedonists and explorers. Technology has slipped into the frameworks without a fight - control of the intelligence ceiling, semantic map and sketchbook should be back amongst the artists, tin toolers and liminal leapers.


Experience Seeding

Psychonautical journeys, digital narratives, mixed reality, good stories, art that still demands capitalisation - We want to provide the tools, tickets and tinctures for whatever journey you wish to take (or make).

Botanical Specimens

Known and lesser known plant remedies, essential oils, nutritional supplements and building blocks. Whatever your system is, we can map and moot the plants and essences that suitr you best. Health and nutritional packages and pre-made products are just as at home with Lotus Eaters and Dragons Blood.

03. Horticultural Research

From smart hydroponic systems to IOT enabled airoponics, research and resources are available in store and online soon.

04. Art And AArdvarks

We don't sell aardvarks, but we do provide a space for local and non local artists to display and sell their work. While curation is a community conceit we do want art that in some way is exploring that walnut pinecone skin machine - the mind. We also provide a showspace for the local hacklab to sell and test whatever happens to be tickling their soldering surfaces.

05. Community and root structures

We hope to provide tools for the production of new narrative forms, knowledge base and rhimzone folksonomy which all can participate in. Talks, old media and digital courses and the inevitable hybrid festival - all orbiting towards now.

Key areas

Herb/Plant knowledge
Digital Exploration
Emerging Technology
Art and Aarmidillos


47 Clerk St, Edinburgh EH8 9JQ

+44 131 667 5536

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